PRIVATE pilates & personal training

In home:

Single $160

10 Pack: $1,500 | $150/hr

20 Pack: $2,900 | $145/hr


Single: $130

10 Pack: $1,200 | $120/hr

20 Pack: $2,300 | $115/hr

Identify muscular imbalances/postural issues and correct them efficiently. Educate yourself on proper biomechanics and functional anatomy. Learn to safely modify around injuries/illness and get the most out of your group fitness classes. Be held accountable.

DUET pilates & personal training

In home:

Single: $190/hr

10 Pack:| $1,800 | $180/hr

20 Pack: $3,440 | $172/hr


10 Pack: $180/hr

10 Pack: $1,500 | $170/hr

20 Pack: $2,900 | $166/hr

The functional benefits of personalized sessions shared with a bff or loved one.


Live or Phone:

6 month program: $1,800 | $300/month

A health coach is an accountability partner that offers support customized to meet your individual nutrition and lifestyle needs. My approach to holistic health coaching focuses on my comprehensive picture of wellness: physical activity, of course, a fulfilling career and a regular spiritual/meditative practice. Together we will work to satiate and nourish your soul first, then discover and correct any remaining imbalances in nutrition.


In home:




Reiki, or ”Universal Life Energy” is a high vibration energy that works to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Through hands on Reiki work towards balance, and soothe physical and emotional discomfort.