Contemporary Pilates kicked up a notch. Every moment of this 50 minute low impact mat class is designed to produce a burn and prioritize proper biomechanics and technique. This is Pilates for the fitness freak- arrive excited to receive corrections! BOOK NOW

TRX suspension training parallels the core stability challenges of traditional Pilates apparatus sans springs. This core centric circuit style class flows from Pilates Rebels mat, to TRX, to cardio bursts to get the heart rate up. This is mindful cardio conditioning for the experienced Pilates practitioner who loves to sweat. BOOK NOW

Not your regular Pilates class. A 50 minute session grounded in pilates technique, designed to strengthen you to your core. An emphasis on mindfulness and proper alignment ensure you get the most out of every movement and leave class feeling strong and centered. Expect intense burnout sequences in each muscle group that help to build endurance, strength, and correct muscular imbalances. BOOK NOW